Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Mazatlan to La Paz

Ferrying Across the Sea of Cortez Between Mazatlan and La Paz in Baja California

A travel Blogger makes the trip and tells you all about it

"With the possible exception of holidays like Semana Santa, it is not necessary to buy a ticket well in advance – a day or two ahead of time will be just fine. The ticket office at the ferry terminal, located just south of the lighthouse at the inlet to Mazatlan harbor, is open seven days a week from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. Both credit and debit cards are accepted and you will need either your original passport or a copy to buy tickets. The ship sails from Mazatlan on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 5 p.m., and from La Paz to Mazatlan on Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday (5 p.m. on Sunday, 8 p.m. on Tuesday and Thursday). The crossing takes about 12 hours."

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Anonymous said...

IF I have MY FM_# document and have shipped my household goods to my house north of Puerto Vallarta, will I be able to bring my car by ferry, to bi-pass some drving in the Cualacan area, and ferry to Mazitlan and then drive3 to my house and keep my car in Mexico?

sparks_mex said...

Yes you can do all that. If you don't get your auto permit before La Paz, you will need to get it at the ferry dock and will pay a deposit ($200-400) depending on cars age.

Baja Ferries sails from La Paz to Topolobampo and from La Paz to Mazatlan. They took over the Mazatlan run from Sematur as of April 2005.

You can always try for current prices and schedule at the Baja Ferries Web Site

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