Monday, December 04, 2006

Santa Rosalia - Guaymas Ferry

Baja Ferries who took over the Santa Rosalia-Guaymas route in Mexico from Sematur. Following the privatisation of Sematur in 1989, their routes contracted and the company went through a period of difficulty. Sematur is now out of business. Baja Ferries started up on the Santa Rosalia-Guaymas initially using ro-ro ferries, but in 2003 thay acquired the Stena Forwarder which had been operating between Holyhead and Dublin. She was renamed California Star She was joined in 2004 by the Sinaloa Star, previously the Coromuel of Sematur.

Departures from Guaymas
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at 8:00 p.m.
Departures from Santa Rosalia
Tuesday and Wednesday at 9:00 a.m.
Friday and Sunday at 8:00 p.m.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

TMC Ferry - Mazatlan to La Paz

Here is another Ferry you don't hear much about, probably because it's mainly a freight shipping company. Some people with RV's have suggested it as an alternative to Baja Ferries and their 'pets' regulations. Supposedly you can stay in your vehicle with your pet.

The latest fotos on their web site show a dining room which looks to me like they may have some tourist facilities.

TMC Ferry Web Site

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Recent Baja Ferry experience with a Pet

Posted by tahoenow on the Woodalls RVing in Mexico and South America message board

So as Paul Harvey would say, "here's the rest of the story". We need to divide our impressions into two categories. One from the point of view of those without dogs and one from those with. Without a dog, the Baja Ferry experience would have been excellent. The boat is enormous enough to be impervious to sea conditions (although a storm would test that) and it is a very new boat (2003) so the amenities and comforts are top notch. Driving the motorhome onto this ferry along with over one hundred eighteen wheelers, two Harleys and a bunch of cars was exhilarating. For an extra $47 you can have a very nice cabin that has a full bath and will sleep four. The restaurant and two bars are very nice. The staff is highly professional and they are everywhere.

With a dog, things change. You run smack into a major cultural difference between our two countries. First of all, we did our homework. We checked in advance to make sure the boat would accept dogs. We were told the dog would need to be in a kennel crate which they would provide. We reserved a cabin so that we could all be together. Sounds good so far, doesn't it? Well, the crates they had on hand were for underfed chihuahuas. Hugo could not and would not fit. We told them that we would not need their canary cage as we would have Hugo with us in the cabin. They said, "we can't allow that". I asked why. They answered, "it's the rule". I asked why that was the rule. Now here is where our cultures really breach. We norte americanos need to know why a rule exists. Mexicans do not. It is enough for them that "that is the rule". Mexicans do not confront a superior with the question "why is this a rule?".

You can see where this is going. We are without a solution at this point and I have told them that we will not leave our dog chained to a railing in a kennel area. Did I mention that we would not be allowed to stay with him in the kennel area? So a superior is beckoned and after warm greetings are dispensed with, the superior has a solution. We can stay with Hugo in a stairwell area adjacent to the hospitality desk where we can sit on chairs next to him for the duration of the trip. I ask why we can't all be in the cabin we paid for, and of course, the answer is "it's the rule". Our evening consisted of sleeping in the cabin in shifts and lying on the floor under the stairs with Hugo.

There is the possibility of change coming out of this experience. First of all, we taped the whole mess and that made everyone very nervous. The superior confided to me that this is not the first time foreigners have brought their pets on board with an unsatisfactory outcome and the ships "rule makers" are currently discussing solutions. I suggested that it would be easy to set aside two or three cabins out of the hundred they have as "pet friendly" with tile floors instead of carpet just in case. They seemed to respond to that.

Before any of you try to take your pets on a Baja Ferry, check with them to see what the current policy is. We survived and would go through the whole mess again to be sitting here in wonderful La Paz this evening, but the process needs to be improved and let's hope that it is.

Thursday, March 30, 2006

From: Maria Meraz on March 30, 2006 at 07:10:01

I read yesterday in the local La Paz newspaper that the California Star, the ferry boat between La Paz and Topo, arrives in Pichilingue today, Thurs. March 30, from Panama between the hours of 7-9 a.m. and it's scheduled to depart for Topo at 3 p.m.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Baja Ferry Latest Information

This is the latest Info from the Baja Ferries Web Site. Please remember this is second hand information - but it's a long drive to not be able to use the ferry

News Flash 1 - The Ferry to Topolompampo is reportedly closed for repairs mid-February til approx. the end of March 2006. No news on the La Paz to Mazatlan run.
News Flash 2 - I read in the Sudcaliforniano that the ferry to Mazatlan will still be in service. What I did not understand was whether it would still travel on same days.
The ferry boat to Topo is going to Panama, to be 'tuned up'.
Also, I believe the paper said that for people wanting to go to Topo, Baja Ferries would transport them to Mazatlan by ferry and then bus them to Topo, all for $800 pesos

Baja Ferries Information

Baja Ferries Information

Baja Ferry in La Paz Harbor

Baja Ferries has finally updated their Web Site to include the run to Mazatlan from La Paz and including two trips a month from La Paz to Manzanillo.
Baja Ferries Web Site

Below is the information as of my trip April 2005

Baja Ferries has taken over the Mazatlan to La Paz route from Grupo Sematur ... at least for the time being. This happended as of the end of April 2005. The following is the current information on schedules and prices.

Topolombampo - LaPaz .... Leaves Monday-Friday at 3pm from LaPaz. Saturday leaves late in the evening (10-11pm). From Los Moches to LaPaz it leaves late in the evening 11pm-1am week days only.

Topolombampo - LaPaz .... Auto fare 970mx. Passenger fare 650mx - Tourista, 760mx - CabinaMazatlan to La PazIt leaves from each end at 5pm (1700). Leaves La Paz Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Leaves Mazatlan Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Auto fare (normal size) 1700mx. 3 options on passenger fare (required above/beyond auto fare) 250mx - Turista, 400 - Cabina, 700 - Salon.

Auto importation into Mexico
If you don't have the importation papers for your car you can get them at the ferry terminal for about 330mx. Remember - copies of your Passport, Drivers License, Vehicle Registration and Tourist Visa. You can throw in a copy of your Title but it's not necessary. Have your Credit Card ready.

Here are some fotos of the trip down
Baja Ferry - 2005

My Mexico Page
Sparks Mexico Web

Baja Ferries sails from La Paz to Topolobampo and from La Paz to Mazatlan. They took over the Mazatlan run from Sematur as of April 2005.

You can always try for current prices and schedule at the Baja Ferries Web Site

Baja Ferries
Baja Ferries on Facebook
TMC Ferries
Se Habla - La Paz

Baja California 1949