Thursday, March 30, 2006

From: Maria Meraz on March 30, 2006 at 07:10:01

I read yesterday in the local La Paz newspaper that the California Star, the ferry boat between La Paz and Topo, arrives in Pichilingue today, Thurs. March 30, from Panama between the hours of 7-9 a.m. and it's scheduled to depart for Topo at 3 p.m.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Baja Ferry Latest Information

This is the latest Info from the Baja Ferries Web Site. Please remember this is second hand information - but it's a long drive to not be able to use the ferry

News Flash 1 - The Ferry to Topolompampo is reportedly closed for repairs mid-February til approx. the end of March 2006. No news on the La Paz to Mazatlan run.
News Flash 2 - I read in the Sudcaliforniano that the ferry to Mazatlan will still be in service. What I did not understand was whether it would still travel on same days.
The ferry boat to Topo is going to Panama, to be 'tuned up'.
Also, I believe the paper said that for people wanting to go to Topo, Baja Ferries would transport them to Mazatlan by ferry and then bus them to Topo, all for $800 pesos

Baja Ferries Information

Baja Ferries Information

Baja Ferry in La Paz Harbor

Baja Ferries has finally updated their Web Site to include the run to Mazatlan from La Paz and including two trips a month from La Paz to Manzanillo.
Baja Ferries Web Site

Below is the information as of my trip April 2005

Baja Ferries has taken over the Mazatlan to La Paz route from Grupo Sematur ... at least for the time being. This happended as of the end of April 2005. The following is the current information on schedules and prices.

Topolombampo - LaPaz .... Leaves Monday-Friday at 3pm from LaPaz. Saturday leaves late in the evening (10-11pm). From Los Moches to LaPaz it leaves late in the evening 11pm-1am week days only.

Topolombampo - LaPaz .... Auto fare 970mx. Passenger fare 650mx - Tourista, 760mx - CabinaMazatlan to La PazIt leaves from each end at 5pm (1700). Leaves La Paz Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Leaves Mazatlan Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Auto fare (normal size) 1700mx. 3 options on passenger fare (required above/beyond auto fare) 250mx - Turista, 400 - Cabina, 700 - Salon.

Auto importation into Mexico
If you don't have the importation papers for your car you can get them at the ferry terminal for about 330mx. Remember - copies of your Passport, Drivers License, Vehicle Registration and Tourist Visa. You can throw in a copy of your Title but it's not necessary. Have your Credit Card ready.

Here are some fotos of the trip down
Baja Ferry - 2005

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Baja Ferries sails from La Paz to Topolobampo and from La Paz to Mazatlan. They took over the Mazatlan run from Sematur as of April 2005.

You can always try for current prices and schedule at the Baja Ferries Web Site

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