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Another detailed Baja Ferries report

Baja Ferries
February 10th, 2013

Posted by Brianna in Mexico
To get from Baja Sur to mainland Mexico without driving nearly all the way to the states and then through the northern part of the country, one must take a ferry. Though we read that other freight companies will accept passengers, the main option, and the one that we chose, is operated by Baja Ferries. Our experience was pleasant and got the job done.

Routes and Schedules
Two separate routes are available through Baja Ferries, both traveling between Baja California Sur and the state of Sinaloa. One travels between La Paz and Topolobampo and the other between La Paz and Mazatlán. Topolobampo is about 425km further north than Mazatlán by land, making it a shorter voyage by ferry, with the La Paz-Topolobampo trip taking 6-7 hours (some daytime and some overnight) and the La Paz-Mazatlán trip 17-18 hours (only overnight). Ferries leave from each location every couple of days, and schedules are available on the website. We left La Paz on Sunday at 5:00PM and arrived in Mazatlán just before 11:00AM on Monday.

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Baja Ferries sails from La Paz to Topolobampo and from La Paz to Mazatlan. They took over the Mazatlan run from Sematur as of April 2005.

You can always try for current prices and schedule at the Baja Ferries Web Site

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